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What we do:

Traffic Operations

Last updated on 24 Oct 2009

Around 24 million vehicles cross the Forth Road Bridge each year – that’s about 70,000 vehicles each weekday.

The bridge’s Control Room staff monitor the traffic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to respond to any incidents or extreme weather.

High winds can cause problems for wind-susceptible vehicles, so Control Room staff constantly monitor the weather to make sure safety restrictions are implemented as required. And with no hard shoulder on the bridge, accidents or breakdowns can cause queues to build up very rapidly, so the Bridge Authority operates a free recovery service in order to clear the carriageway as quickly as possible.

Bridge workers are also on standby to de-ice the carriageway using non-corrosive chemicals during freezing weather and lay out traffic management for maintenance works.

The Bridge:

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