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Capital Projects:

Dropped Object Canopy

The Dropped Object Canopy is a temporary structure erected above the carriageway and footway/cycletrack to provide secondary protection to bridge users during the painting works being carried out overhead on the North Main Tower. 

The Canopy was originally erected at the South Main Tower and once painting was completed at the South Tower, the canopy was then dismantled and re-erected at the North Main Tower.  This was carried out in December 2009 using overnight carriageway and limited full bridge closures.

During the summers of 2010 and 2011 extensive modifications were made to the tower painting platform and the supporting cable system.  This work was carried out insitu at the North Main Tower and the Dropped Object Canopy provided protection to users.  Modification works to the tower top cross girder at the North Main Tower were also carried out at this time.

Painting work on the North Main Tower commenced in April 2012 and progress has been good despite some very poor weather conditions.  Given favourable weather conditions, all painting work should be completed by the end of September 2012.  This would complete the painting programme on both main towers.

Once all painting is completed, the painting platform can be removed and the Dropped Object Canopy dismantled.  The latter operation will again involve overnight carriageway and limited full bridge closures.  All of the painting work and modifications to the platform and cross girder have been carried out by the Authority‚Äôs own staff.  However, dismantling of the Dropped Object Canopy will be carried out by an external contractor.

Three contractors are currently on site working on other projects for the Authority and they have all indicated that they would be interested in tendering for the dismantling of the Dropped Object Canopy.  Therefore, in order to take advantage of a potential reduction in mobilisation costs, it would be advantageous to dismantle the Dropped Object Canopy in the autumn/winter 2012/13 rather than wait until spring 2013.  This will involve a change to the capital spend profile but should show a saving in overall cost.

The Bridge:

Facts & Figures

Opened 1964, 2.5 km long, Main span 1006 metres
  • No restrictions on bridge (21:21 BST 24/05/15)